.                      Dr. Ute Priglinger, MSc

professional training

Graduate of Medical University, Vienna, Austria


Postdoctoral studies in cell biology at Vanderbilt University, USA


Research activities in Vienna and USA


Fellowship in Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the University Hospital, Vienna


12 years of professional experience and teaching in Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Pain Therapy at the University Hospital, Vienna


Since 2007 in private practice with a focus on Modern Complementary Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine


International lecturer in Complementary Medicine


Diplomas of the Austrian Medical Association in

Special Pain Therapy, Chinese Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture and

Orthomolecular Medicine
European Diploma for Acupuncture


Further trainings in Shiatsu (S. Masunaga), Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture, Auriculomedicine,
Physioenergetics (R. van Assche), Mesotherapy, Homotoxicology, Lasertherapy, Orthomolecular Medicine, FX Mayr Medicine.

.               Personal development

Since childhood, I am interested in how the art of healing is practiced in different cultures.

I studied medicine summa cum laude and in parallel to my medical studies, I began with my  training in research. Aiming to understand more about the mechanisms - how diseases develop - and possible treatments, I studied cell biology in the United States and continued with my research.

After a few years spent in the lab, I missed my patients.  I then returned to Austria and began a fellowship in internal medicine at the University Hospital in Vienna. Very soon, I focused on intensive care medicine and emergency medicine - until

a very severe illness ended my career at the University Hospital.


Thereafter, I began my search to rebuild my own health without severe side effects of medications. I "tried" many alternative therapies - and those, which helped, I studied myself.


Through this experience, I started to study alternative therapies to western medicine in the same systematic and analytical way I was trained in before.

Although my illness seemed to throw me into a black hole without exit, it opened a new path for me that I would not have found without it. Today, I am able to be grateful for this experience.